2021 (and now, 2022) Declared as The Years of Rethinking!

Jerry Ashton
6 min readJan 1, 2021

Well, 2020 was quite a ride, wasn’t it? And not the funhouse variety, for sure. And 2021 has been no improvement.

They did provide grist for the mill, however — the reveal of all the deep failures of so many aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. For many, it has brought about the realization that unless something changes we face a dark future.

With less than great modesty then, I as founder along with my co-creators of Let’s Rethink This (LRT) are formally announcing 2022 as:

The Year of (Continued) Rethinking.

In late 2020 after my retirement from RIP Medical Debt as its co-founder, I mulled over the extraordinary success of that charity. Exactly what made it one of the most impactful organizations to come into existence in the last decade — one that has taken over $3,000,000,000 (yes, billions) in medical debt off the backs of millions of Americans in six-plus short years?

Could its impact be duplicated in other fields and to the same beneficial effect? Bottled? Distributed? The answer was and is to be found in setting about to think — and then, rethink — the seemingly intractable problems that face us here and around the world. “Those people” are out there, and we have chosen to search them out and bring their good works to public awareness.

I and Let’s Rethink This co-creators at LRT are set to showcase such impact-makers via interviews, media promotions and introductions to the people and processes necessary to accelerating their efforts and amplifying their impact.

Getting there from here.

What follows is the ‘Why, How, What and Who” details of that pronouncement and our still-forming mission and purpose for the year 2021.


Why have we had to come into existence? The evidence surrounds us; the world is in desperate need of rethinking. Name a structure, organization, belief, or process that doesn’t need to be rethought. Politics. Healthcare. Race relations. Religion. Wealth distribution. Laws. The Presidency, Senate, House and their replications downstream in states, counties and cities.

An almost endless list of broken or regressive systems.

By any measure, the United States of America is bankrupt. Financially and in verifiable ways, morally. How well we come out of this bankruptcy…

Jerry Ashton

Navy Journalist veteran, co-creator of RIP Medical Debt and founder of Let’s Rethink This — here to take names and you-know-what.